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14 Ways to Make Your Rented House a Home

Unfortunately, more and more adults are finding it increasingly more difficult to save up enough money for a house, thus they spend a long time renting before they gather a deposit. There’s nothing wrong with renting, in some countries such as Germany it is more common to rent rather as opposed to owning a house. However, tenants have permission to paint, drill holes and generally change the appearance of the place (within reason) to suit their taste. That’s not the case in the UK.

So, here at Preloved we have collated the best ideas to make the most of your rented accommodation, from visible storage to decor. Here are 14 ideas to make your rented house a home.

Visible storage

We love Bec Williams’s rented home in Western Australia. You can see that the clothes are on display, but she has suitcases and basket to hold seasonal clothes and accessories such as belts, hats, etc.

Rented 1 - Apartment Therapy. Bec Williams

Image Credit: Bec Williams via Apartment Therapy

Another use for a suitcase is to place it on top of a chest of drawers, or under a piece of furniture.

Rented 2 - countrygirlhome

Image Credit: Country Girl Home blog

It can also be used as a substitute for a bedside table.

Rented 3 - Pinterest suitcase

Image Credit: Pinterest

Use wooden crates and open-topped boxes to keep items you use often.

Rented 4 - romantiskahem blog

Image Credit: Romantiskahem blog


Utilise the walls. You will probably not be allowed to drill any shelves or hang any pictures, so think outside the box. Ladders are useful in this situation. Here you can see one being used in a bedroom; perhaps a guest room.

Rented 5 - download

Image Credit: Pinterest

The bathroom is also a good place to have a ladder; for towels, for example.

Rented 6 - ourfifthhouse

Image Credit: Our Fifth House

If you have a full length mirror, prop it up on the wall with a box or wooden crate.

Rented 7 - homedit

Image Credit: Homedit

Invest in large frames and lean them on the wall. You can also lean smaller frames on the wall propped on a sideboard so they are at eye level.

Rented 9 - house and home - posters

Image Credit: House and Home

If you are a keen cook, why not invest in a peg board? If you are short of cupboard space, you could also use one for mugs.

Rented 8 - House and Home - pegboard

Image Credit: House and Home

Final touches

If you have an open plan kitchen, perhaps you could create a mini-island with a butcher’s block, you’ll gain some surface space and, if you get a couple of shelves underneath, that’s another bonus for storage!

Rented 10 - eatwell101

Image Credit: EatWell 101

Rugs are a nice way to make your space yours. Even if you have carpet, it doesn’t matter!

Rented 12 - decorate-rented-flat-3_500x749

Image Credit: Pinterest

If you own your own fridge, why not decorate that too?! Amanda’s fridge has had a makeover twice already!

Rented 11 - aunt peaches 2

Image Credit: Aunt Peaches

Find your style. Just because you are renting, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t express your personal tastes. It’s as if you are putting your life on hold until you are able to buy a proper home and have some proper furniture. Not the case! Obviously don’t buy anything that will be built in, or anything that will be permanent, but you can put your stamp on your rented home!

Rented 13 - decoratorsnotebook

Image Credit: Decorator’s Notebook

Finally (and this won’t surprise you if you have been reading for a while), plants! Don’t be scared of having a big plant, it will fill the space nicely. And, of course, use a ladder!

Rented 14 - spacepropertyblog

Image Credit: Space Property

Did we miss anything? Let us know! 

Zoe Allison

Zoe Allison

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