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Victoria’s Vintage Top 3 Upcycling Ideas

Preloved are excited to be sharing a post today which features one our favourite lifestyle bloggers – Victoria from Victoria’s Vintage blog.

Victoria is no stranger to upcycling her second hand furniture in to something fabulous and shabby chic! Her collection of vintage teacups and retro home ware is an enviable hoard, and we always find ourselves getting lost in her blog, eying up ideas for upcycling at home.

Today we are sharing our top 3 favourite upcycling ideas from her blog.

Simple Cabinet Makeover

The most recent DIY on Victoria’s Vintage blog is the incredible transformation of a wooden cabinet she picked up for the bargain price of £20! As you can see from the before and after pictures, she’s taken a plain brown wooden piece of furniture from drab to fab, with the use of a few licks of paint and some wallpaper samples. Not only is the makeover really simple, but you can get wallpaper samples from most decorating stores for free! Simply apply to your furniture with the aid of some PVA glue. This will stick the wallpaper to the piece and also seal in the design to make it more robust for everyday use.

Dressing Table Stool Revamp

Not only is this dressing table stool ridiculously adorable in the after pictures, but it also utilises a small table which isn’t dissimilar from the type you find in a classic nest of tables. By once again adding a few coats of white paint and applique to the piece, Victoria has transformed this dated design in to a perfectly quaint finishing touch to her dressing room.

Simple Chair Upcycling Idea

Another really simple idea for making a piece of dated furniture look shiny and new within your home, Victoria has painted an old dining room chair to make it fresh and fabulous again! It goes to show that sometimes even the most simple DIY idea can really bring a room together, and this was another finishing touch to her vintage style dressing room make-over. There’s always a great range of second hand chairs available in the Freeloved section, so not only is this idea really effective, it’s also extremely affordable too.

Will you be trying any of Victoria’s upcycling and DIY ideas?

If you’re feeling inspired, why not browse our furniture section to find the perfect piece to give upcycling a go yourself today!

Liv Serrage

Liv Serrage

Writer and expert

Liv writes the newsletters and looks after the Preloved social media community, hunting out the quirkiest, most beautiful items on site just for you! As an English Language and Literature graduate from the University of Oxford, Liv is passionate about all things fictional, bookish and creative. In her spare time, she loves to go to gigs and scour vintage and charity shops for one off items!