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Christmas Shopping on a Budget with Anyvan

Why bother to venture out into the high street madness when you could do your Christmas shopping right here on Preloved! Our friends at AnyVan can make buying presents for friends and loved ones this year as hassle-free as possible.

Hassle-free, affordable Christmas shopping on Preloved

You’ve done it. You found that perfect gift for a loved one on Preloved, but it’s not in your local area. That upcycled chest, those golf clubs, the beautiful vintage rocking horse is just that little bit too far away for you to go and collect. Well, we’ve teamed up with AnyVan to make buying Christmas presents that are further afield as simple and easy as possible.

Christmas Present

AnyVan is a delivery auction site where more than 45,000 delivery companies can place bids for delivery jobs. Anyvan’s ‘Book Now’ function allows its users to arrange the delivery of an item without having to wait around for a quote. This time-saving, hassle-free function is now available on the Preloved site.

You may have noticed, whilst searching for incredible Preloved items, that larger items have this box listed on their adverts. It allows you to enter your postcode and instantly find an estimated delivery quote.

AnyVan Quote Box

Not only have we made it effortless to order items across the country and have them delivered to your doorstep, you could save a huge 75% in delivery costs by using the function!

Click ‘Book now’ once you’ve received a quote you’re happy with, and you will be immediately taken to the AnyVan website where you can continue with your delivery request.

Book Now with AnyVan

Only companies listed on AnyVan with over 98% positive feedback can undertake Preloved ‘Book Now’ jobs, ensuring that you’ll get a good price and a trusted delivery company to drop off your item when booking through the site.

If there happen to be no drivers available to deal with your particular request, you’ll be presented with an estimated price bracket, and will then have the option to click through to the AnyVan site and search for new quotes from AnyVan registered delivery companies.

AnyVan Quote Box

Let your seller know once you have a date in mind and when they should expect the item to be picked up. It really is that simple!

The AnyVan and Preloved partnership isn’t just useful during the manic Christmas shopping period, it’s great for after Christmas too!

An AnyVan quote box will automatically be added to your advert if it fits in the furniture, motoring or gardening categories on the Preloved site, making it easier than ever for your buyers to factor in delivery costs of items. This may increase your buyer interest across the whole of the UK!

The site has a Trustpilot score of 9.7 and is rated ‘excellent’ by its customers, so you can be rest assured your item will be in good hands. The only thing you will have to do if your buyer decides to use this method of delivery is arrange a date and time for pick up when the buyer gets in touch with you. AnyVan takes any hassle out of delivery so you can concentrate on getting the best price for your item.



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