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Project UP: Upcycling Furniture Workshop

screwdriver along the frame edge to make sure the masking tape was flat against the surface.


We opted for a chalky dark blue paint called Amble Sea. To begin with, we applied a thin coat directly on to the wood and then waited ten minutes for it to dry before applying another coat of paint. While this was drying, we were deciding how we’d like to paint the mirror, and what look we’d like to try and create. We toyed between using a stencil on each corner, or subtly ‘dry brushing’ the paint to create a shabby chic effect. We opted for the popular shabby chic option, for which we chose a light Earl Grey coloured paint. The dry brushing effect was created by dipping the brush into the paint, wiping it off on some cardboard, and then gently going over the corners and high areas with the brush.


After this was dry, we peeled off the masking tape and filled in some of the frame closest to the mirror. We then polished the glass and our creation was complete!

finished mirror


project up

We had a brilliant creative day! If you’re interested in learning more about upcycling or taking part in any workshops, (at zero cost, you just need some furniture to transform) you can contact Project UP via their website:, or head over to their Facebook page. The charity hold regular workshops in Widnes every Tuesday and Thursday. Project UP will also be hosting 20 free furniture workshops across Merseyside over the coming months! Be sure to head over to their site orFacebook page for more information.

Cesca Garvey

Cesca Garvey

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Cesca is a creative type, with a passion for design, antiques and jewellery. She studied Fine Art at The University of Edinburgh, and later worked in the antique auction industry before joining the Preloved team. When she’s not liaising with our partners and organising exciting new events, Cesca is a keen collector of antiques from all periods and places!