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11 Memes To Make You Laugh This Father’s Day

11 Memes To Make You Laugh This Father’s Day

With Father’s Day approaching this Sunday, we thought what better way to celebrate than sharing some of the funniest and relatable ‘Dad Memes’ that you can laugh at together. And… they are actually pretty accurate too! Which one reminds you the most of the father figure in your life? Let us know!

1. When Dad takes what you say a little TOO literally…

funny dad meme

2. When they’re too stubborn to admit defeat… especially when they’re lost!

father's day card

3. When they give you the look and you know they mean business… 

funny dad meme

4. Is it just us, or can dads never remember little details like people’s names or birthdays?

father's day card

5. When dad gets roped into playing dress-up

dad playing dress up

6. But, everyone knows play-time with dad is just the best!

playtime with dad

7. Even if their sense of humour can be a tad annoying!

funny dad joke

8. They always try and act like they’re not best friends with the family pet, when really…

father's day joke

9. Dad’s are great for making their own entertainment

dad playing with kids

10. And will always be there to catch you when you fall

dad saving baby

11. But one thing we will NEVER get used to, even on Father’s Day, is the infamous ‘Dad Dancing’

father's day dad dancing

Whatever you get up to this Sunday, we hope you and your family have fun spending time together and make the most of another celebration under lockdown!

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Zoe Allison

Zoe Allison

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