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Hygge In Spring | Our Top 10 Tips

Hygge is not only a thing for the colder months! We talked about how to be a little more Hygge earlier in the year, and it is now time to get stuck into the cosy spirit in spring! Remember that it is not about going all out and buying all the candles, rugs and blankets under the sun, it is about appreciating the moments in life; about appreciating nature and your surroundings; about spending time with people. This is how to Hygge in spring.

Feed the birds

While fat balls are great in the winter months, birds are keen to find food for their young in the spring. Try leaving out special seed mixes which are supported by organizations such as the RSPB. Blue tits go crazy over sunflower seeds, robins will happily dig into mealworms.

You will have to be patient if you haven’t had bird food in your garden before, it will take time. Bird baths are also a fun little thing to have; just remember to keep it clean.

robin at bird feeder hygge in spring

Bird watching in the garden is one of the best things to do

There are fewer sights better than sitting back and observing the birds in your garden. If you do not have a garden, there is still hope! Window feeders are becoming increasingly popular among flat dwellers who want to see some nature.

Granted, a blue tit might not fly up to the 6th floor of a building for a sunflower seed, but it is definitely something to consider.

Window feeder

Image Credit: Natalie Reynolds. A window feeder is a perfect option if you live in a flat.

Visit your local farmer’s market

Step away from your supermarket and try your local market. By doing this you are not only eating seasonal food, which will be flavoursome and will not have clocked up thousands of travel miles, but you are supporting your local economy.

Additionally, if you go often, you will get to know the stall holders and they will learn to expect you. They will be able to offer you new foods to try, recommend how to prepare and cook them, and they may even give you freebies when trying out new creations.

Why not finish fulfilling the stereotype by cycling to these events? The warmer weather will make a pleasant bike ride, will get your blood pumping and will help you feel more awake.

Dry your clothes outside

Make the most of your backyard and the sunny spells. The smell of fresh clean linen is hard to beat, and if you catch a sunny day with a pleasant breeze, they will dry in no time. Not only will it be better for the environment, but you can encourage your children to peg out their clothes.

pegging out clothes hygge in spring

There’s nothing that trumps the feeling of clean linen

There is no bad weather, only bad clothing

This is a Danish saying, and we can see where they are coming from! Keep a rain jacket in the car for those impromptu car rides you like doing over the weekend. Similarly, keep some blankets on the back seat! Blanket scarves are also extremely useful, especially as the days start really cool and warm up as the sun travels across the sky.

Bring treats to work

Preloved is really good at this. We spend most of our waking hours in the office, so we need to make it a happy place! We will bring in treats to fatten each other up; from the Devs to Marketing and Commercial, we all love chocolate. And cake. It’s not only on birthdays, or Fridays. It can be a Tuesday! We also have a couple of office plants, which brighten up the place: they’re called Wally and Danielle.

 Do some baking

This ties into our office treats suggestion. Get baking and use family and friends as guinea pigs. There’s something very satisfying about starting with separate ingredients, mixing them up and end up with a tasty pie, bread, cake which you can share. Or not. Up to you, really.

make a pie

Baking brings people together

Appreciate the moments

Not everything needs a selfie. You don’t need to take a photo of every meal. Be in the moment when you see family or friends. If you’re in a meeting, be present. There is nothing more demotivating than giving a presentation for which you have carefully prepared and all you see are your colleagues looking at their phones. Be mindful and make the most of each moment, without thinking about how you will talk about it on social media.

 Cut flowers

A bunch of flowers brighten up any room. We recommend you try and source them locally, and seasonally. However, why not grow them yourself!? Choose a sunny area in your garden where you can designate a Cut Flower Patch! There are so many flowers to choose from. You can plant bulbs in the autumn so there are flowers to pick in early spring.

cut flowers roses hygge in spring

Enjoy hygge in spring with cut flowers around the house

Hellebores will bring colour to both house and garden in the winter months, and spring is the time to sow seeds for annuals such as zinnias, scabious or cosmos. If you sow sunflower seeds now, you will get amazing flower heads in the summer which you will be able to take indoors. Imagine coming downstairs in the morning and be greeted by this! You’d feel chirpy in no time!

Make that photo album

Although we live in a time where we are constantly taking photos, we don’t seem to do anything once they have been posted. We snap and forget. Cherish those memories! It might be boring and inconvenient, but you won’t regret it. You’ll enjoy looking back the photos from your gap year, remember you child’s last year at school before they went off to uni, or your best friend’s wedding.

 Take part in the community

By joining a group or project you will meet new people and have the chance to help others. Look for a community garden, a book club, an animal shelter; the possibilities are endless, and you will meet like-minded people. This is especially good if you are new to an area; starting from scratch can be hard, and making friends as an adult is surprisingly difficult! So get out there and find out what you can take part in, we promise you won’t regret it.

So, you see, Hygge is not only a winter thing. It is something to be enjoyed all year round! We’re excited to share what summer beholds.

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Zoe Allison

Zoe Allison

Writer and expert