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Top Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Wardrobe

With the warmer days starting to become more frequent and some of our favourite clothes showing unconcealable signs of wear, the time to give our wardrobes a Spring clean has finally arrived! We know that making a start can sometimes be a daunting task, so we have put together some key pointers to give you some inspiration.

Empty Your Wardrobe

First things first, get a clear view of what you have. Put on some music, make a cup of tea, clear the bed, floor, chair, sides… and pull out ALL of your clothes out from the wardrobe and drawers. This will give you an informed view of how much you really have, and re-assure you that conducting a Spring clean on your wardrobe is a must!

Say Goodbye to Winter!

To make some room, pick out those snuggly items from the wardrobe you won’t be needing until the winter months. BUT before packing them in a suitcase and hiding them away in the attic or under the bed, ask yourself if you are really likely to need them next year. Are you planning to ski ever again? Would you prefer to get new boots in the next autumn/winter collection? Would it be better to give this to charity? If you decide that letting go of your beloved winter items would be the better option, then why not create your ads in our Clothing section on Preloved NOW to help fund your new Spring collection?

12 Month Rule

If you didn’t wear it last spring, will you really be wearing it this Spring? If your taste in clothes has changed, you have clothes that no longer fit, or you have items that you don’t feel comfortable in, then create space in your wardrobe and say goodbye to these garments for good! If the thought of this concerns you, then get a friend involved to help, or adopt a “one in one out” policy to make letting go of long standing items that little bit easier.

Assess the Storage Situation

Before sieving through the clothes you have left, consider whether you would like to change how you store them. Why not treat yourself to some new hangers that will help hold the shape of your clothes better? Do you really need to store your jeans in the drawer? Keeping as much as you can hanging in the wardrobe without it busting at the hinges is always the best solution; not only will your clothes stay crease free, but it will also be far easier to remember what you have. BUT Before you start piling items away, give your wardrobe and drawers a spruce up with a hoover and wipe down to help keep your clothes protected from dirt and dust.

Compartmentalise your clothes

So, now you have cleared out all that wintery and out of date clothing clutter, it’s time to start organising what you have left! There are various ways you can organise your clothes to suit your everyday dressing needs.  Adopt one or more of the following rules to ensure you are always aware what you have to hand when picking out an outfit:

  • Sort by occasion – work, every day, party wear etc.
  • Sort by garment – trousers, tops, skirts, shirts, jumpsuits, jackets etc.
  • Sort by colour – perhaps more for those who have a clothing collection on the bigger side!

Restock your wardrobe

Now that everything is organised you will find a lot easier to work out what is missing. Have you got enough tops for work? What about a cardigan to go with that outfit? If there is too much clashing of prints in your wardrobe, then you will need to get yourself some simple coloured essentials to wear with them. Equally, if you want to add some fun prints and colours to your wardrobe, it doesn’t always have to be a big item; you can add just as much style to an outfit with interesting accessories like a vintage bag, printed scarf or classic watch.

Budget buying!

Now you know what you would like to add to enhance your outfits, you will need to assess how much budget you will have to spend on clothes throughout the spring and summer months. Buy a bit at a time making sure you start with items that you can partner with a handful of outfits, and not just one. Also, don’t forget to budget in any extra spending you may have to consider. Have you got any weddings to go to this year? Where are you planning to go on holiday? Then FINALLY once you are happy with what you have to spend and when, you can start adding key items back into your wardrobe! Woop!

We hope you have found our top tips for Spring cleaning your wardrobe inspiring and helpful! Don’t forget to check out our Clothing and Jewellery section where you will gain inspiration from a vast range of fantastic secondhand jackets, jeans, dresses, jumpers, shoes, bags, necklaces…

Adele Gardner

Adele Gardner

Creative Writer

Adele is a creative writer for Preloved. She loves literature, travelling, baked goods and is always hunting for new music.