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Houseplants – Bringing Nature Indoors

Indoor plants have gone in and out of vogue over centuries. What we can’t deny, however, are the benefits they bring to the home. For starters, they purify air. During the day the absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, thus refreshing the room. They also bring moisture to the room; if you suffer from dry skin or have a tendency to get colds or dry coughs, getting plants into the house might be a smart move.

As well as being key elements in interior design, plants also reduce stress and anxiety as the greenery is calming and relaxes the eyes. You will have to look at the rooms you want to have plants in and decide where you want to have plants. Once you have reached a decision, you will need to find the right plant; full sun, partial shade or full shade being key.

One must that many houseplant owners forget to do is dust the leaves. It is not simply a question of cleanliness, but by having dusty leaves, the plant will not be able to absorb air properly nor will it deal with toxins.

Some plants to look into are aloe vera, maranta kerchoveana, snake plant, fig leaf or English ivy. Another obvious option are cacti; you will typically find small cacti cheap, but the bigger you want them the more expensive they will be as they grow very slowly. Other plant options that are becoming increasingly popular are air plants, like Tillandsia, or carnivorous plants such as the pitcher plant. You can find houseplants on Preloved such as a ficus, an umbrella plant or a spider plant.

We have put together some truly inspiring photos of plants that live indoors. They will make you want to go out and fill your home with greenery!

1. White walls and light linen combine with the green of the plants perfectly. By having plants such as succulents and orchids in the bedroom, the worry of other plants taking in oxygen during the night is avoided.

1. bedroom-plants-red-online RedOnline

Image credit: Red Online

2. Plants in the kitchen? Why ever not!? Have you noticed the green tiles? And the white? And the copper?!

2. Jungalow

Image credit: Jungalow

3. Plants soften the edges of the room and convey a sense of tranquillity.

3. Boots and Pine

Image credit: Bouts and Pine

4. Windowsills are a great asset to have, especially in a flat. The small plants on the windowsill provide an extra level of privacy and plays nicely with the light, don’t you think?

4. Emily-Katz-Portland-home_1-584x390

Image credit: Turbulences Déco

5. Plants that enjoy moisture will feel like at home in the bathroom. You could have orchids, or something like saxifrage stolonifera.

5. Anna Potter Design Sponge

Image credit: Anna Porter Design Sponge

6. Brit.Co

Image credit: Brit-Co

6. If you live in an apartment that has lovely high ceilings, why not hang some plants from them? You can find some holders made from string or rope. You could also look up how to make a kokadama, it’s the Japanese way to make hanging plants.

7. Apartment Therapy

Image credit: Apartment Therapy

7. Making a terrarium is easy, and creative. They don’t need to be in full sun, so can be placed in those slightly shadier spots.

8. Andreas Notebook

Image credit: Andrea’s Notebook

8. By dotting plants around a room you are creating several focus points, which don’t make the room look too busy because they are not big and bold items.

9. My Domain

Image credit: My Domain

9. You can not only put your stamp on your home with what type of plants you want, but by also choosing some interesting pots. Have a rummage around the site and bric-a-brac shops for receptacles that are not necessarily pots. Think of things like buckets, copper pots, baskets.

10. Introducing New Worlds2

Image credit: Introducing New Worlds

11. Have plants at different levels so they are not all on the same visual line; play with sizes and surfaces so the eyes bounce from one plant to the other, thus making the room look wider or the ceiling seem higher.

11. From Moon to Moon

Image credit: From Moon to Moon

12. Dot and Bo

Image credit: Dot and Bo

12. Finally, if you are lucky enough to have a balcony, utilise it! Even if it’s the emergency fire exit – although you might want to check if it’s legal to put a couple of pots there.

13. bohemian-homes-25 Full in Sight

Image credit: Bohemian Homes

14. Free People Blog

Image credit: Free People Blog



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Zoe Allison

Zoe Allison

Writer and expert