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Top 5 Houseplants For Your Living Room

Did you know 10th-16th January is Houseplant Week UK? Established by chartered horticultural TV presenter, David Domoney, the second week in January is a time to celebrate the beauty and the benefits of plants inside the home. And we’re kicking off #houseplantweek2022 with our Top 5 houseplants for the living room.

1) Swiss Cheese Plant (monstera deliciosa)

Top 5 Houseplants: Swiss Cheese

  • Height: Up to 1.8m.
  • Light: Avoid direct sunlight, but this beauty loves a bright or lightly shaded spot.
  • Watering & Feeding: Water your Swiss Cheese once the soil’s dried out a little, and feed once a month during spring and summer.
  • Location: This guy needs a lot of space. Maintain a temperature of 18 degrees for it to grow but it can survive 10-24.

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2) Snake Plant (sansevieria trifasciata)

Snake Plant

Image Source: Archana Merle (@archana_m)

  • Height: Up to 1.2m.
  • Light: Try and keep it in a bright space without direct sunlight to keep the leaves brightly coloured.
  • Watering & Feeding: Moderate watering in Spring in Summer, with monthly feeds, and very sparingly during winter.
  • Location: This chap isn’t too fussy and can tolerate a draught or a dry room. It favours temperatures of 10-26 degrees.

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3) Kentia Palm (howea fosteriana)

Top 5 Houseplants: Kentia Palm

Image Source: Max Vakhtbovych

  • Height: Up to 3m.
  • Light: Keep away from direct sunlight, but a nice bright room is a favourite of the Kentia Palm.
  • Watering & Feeding: Keep the compost moist in spring and summer with monthly feeds, and reduce for winter months.
  • Location: This plant isn’t too keen on dry rooms and needs a little humidity so keep away from radiators.

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4) Fiddle Leaf Fig (ficus lyrata)

Fiddle Leaf Fig

Image Source: Haddon Interiors

  • Height: Up to 3m.
  • Light: Keep your fig in a bright space but avoid direct sunlight.
  • Watering & Feeding: Feed monthly in Spring and Summer and try and keep watering to when the top few cm of soil have dried out.
  • Location: This giant loves a warm space, but keep away from radiators. They’re really not keen on being moved, so try and keep them in one place.

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5) ZZ Plant (zamioculcas zamiifolia)

Top 5 Houseplants: ZZ Plant

Image Source: Ksenia Chernaya

  • Height: Up to 1m.
  • Light: Prefers a bright space but avoid direct sunlight, and can copy with a little shade.
  • Watering & Feeding: Not a fan of wet soil, allow the top couple of inches of soil to dry between watering.
  • Location: The ZZ enjoys a warm, dry space, around 15-24 degrees.

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