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Turn Your Garden Into a Relaxing Haven

Gardening has an array of benefits ranging from relieving stress to keeping fit. But as well as this, just being outside in your garden can have a positive impact on your well being. In line with Mental Health Awareness Week, here at Preloved we have produced a list of ways you can  turn your garden into a tranquil haven and a space you can go to be mindful, relax and recharge.

Create a leafy oasis

One way you can make your garden feel like an idyllic getaway is to create a screen of privacy. A lush, leafy border will give the feel of a secluded retreat, even if it’s simply a terraced garden. You achieve this border by choosing tall evergreen plants such as palms and ferns and filling the gaps with screens of bamboo.

Alternatively, if you want to be more creative with your garden, you can create a vertical wall of plants such as climbers and filling the gaps with succulents. This not only saves the hassle of digging out beds, but also creates more privacy in your garden without taking up ground space.

Places to sit

To be able to truly relax in your garden, its important to have places to sit. Whether you want to enjoy eating outside in the summer or just somewhere to sit and read a book, having a comfortable seating area is essential.  Outdoor furniture doesn’t need to break the bank, we have lots of furniture advertised on site that are perfect for creating a relaxing oasis. You could even put your creativity to test and paint this furniture to match your garden, just make to use paint designed for outdoor use.

Shady Spots

Although sitting in the sun is wonderful (when we have sunshine that is!), it’s important to make sure your garden has plenty of shady spots for when you want to sit outside all afternoon. We recommend finding  a shady spot, whether that’s beneath a weeping willow or pergola, and make it comfortable with a swing seat or hammock.

Water feature

One reason gardens can be so relaxing is the sound of nature and wildlife. As well as chirping birds, the sound of water in a garden can immediately change the ambience. In fact, a pond or water feature has been shown to improve mood and make people feel healthier and happier. Not only is the sound soothing, but running water reflects the sunlight and can make a fantastic centre piece for any garden.

Build a Zen Garden

What could be more relaxing than a zen garden? Traditional Japanese gardens are filled with raked gravel to symbolise water, and stones to represent the mountains. Originally built to provide a relaxing environment for meditating monks, zen gardens are the epitome of serenity and calm. They are easy to replicate in your own garden: all you need is a some gravel, rocks and a rake. This would also work well with Tip #1, using a living wall of leafy plants and bamboo for privacy.




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