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Our New Favourite Number! Facts About the Number 6 Million!

Well…We’ve hit six million members and, quite frankly, we’re a little bit chuffed! So, to celebrate we’ve done what any other team celebrating their incredible community would have done and made a list of 10 facts about the number Six Million. How else could we celebrate other than making a homage to our new favourite number? Boogie on down with us and read on…

Preloved 6 million

Fact 1 

The Great British Bake Off has inspired an estimated 6 million people to take part in charity baking sales since it began in 2010, says the Charities Aid Foundation.

Fact 2

This Ford pick up truck cost an INCREDIBLE 6 million dollars to build! Unfortunately it hasn’t sold yet…

Fact 3

According to the Nature Geoscience journal, the Grand Canyon was formed 5 to 6 million years ago! It’s getting on a bit…

Fact 4

The second season of the Indonesian X factor amassed over 6 million public votes by enabling audiences to vote through a simple Google search! Good ol’ Google.

Fact 5

6 million pounds in 1960 is the equivalent to 123 million pounds today. Phewee!

lots of money

Fact 6

In May of this year Coca-Cola proved that to get 6 million Youtube views all you had to was film a wee baby laughing…Take that advice on board Youtubers (unless you’re entranced by their ickle giggling faces like we are)

Fact 7

On 22nd August, Banksy claimed that his Dismaland website received 6 million hits every minute! A little mystery does wonders for traffic!

Fact 8

On 26th August 2015 the Cohen family abode from the 2000s TV Show, The O.C., was listed for a cool $6.25 million. How time flies…

Fact 9 

Arsenal holds the record for most popular English Premier League side with (you guessed it) six million Twitter followers (I know, you thought we were gonna say 5 million…Tricked ya!)

arsenal being happy

Fact 10 

In February Elton John certainly felt the love tonight after garnering an incredible 6 million Facebook fans!

A huge thank you to all of our incredible members! We hope that as we continue to grow as a community you’ll stay by our side and keep Prelovin’



Liv Serrage

Liv Serrage

Writer and expert

Liv writes the newsletters and looks after the Preloved social media community, hunting out the quirkiest, most beautiful items on site just for you! As an English Language and Literature graduate from the University of Oxford, Liv is passionate about all things fictional, bookish and creative. In her spare time, she loves to go to gigs and scour vintage and charity shops for one off items!