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5 January Challenges You Should Try

5 January Challenges You Should Try

The start of the year signals a fresh start and the opportunity to take on something new. However, as we enter into a third lockdown, the uncertainty makes it challenging to feel inspired by the beginning of 2021. That’s why we wanted to remind you of 5 January challenges that you can still try from the comfort of your own home, to keep you positive and motivated about the year ahead.

January 2021

Dry January

This may seem like an obvious one, but we like it simply because it saves you a lot of money! At Preloved, we’re all about helping you retain and earn a little extra cash, which is why Dry January is a fitting challenge for this. As much as we may love a glass of prosecco, let’s face it, alcohol can be very expensive!

It’s been proven that 86% of participants who went alcohol-free for January, saved money because of it. It may not seem like a lot, but ditching the bubbles for 31 days could save you between £65-£200! Especially after the huge expense of Christmas and the financial difficulties of the pandemic, this is an encouraging result in our eyes!

january challenges - dry january


500,000 people have signed up to the Veganuary challenge this year, that’s double the figure for 2019! Even major UK supermarkets have got on board, launching television campaigns and dedicated website pages to Vegan recipes and products. There are many reasons why going plant-based and cutting down on animal-based products is a positive challenge for us.

It improves your overall health and wellbeing, helps to reduce the suffering of our beloved animals, and most importantly, reduces the negative environmental impact of food production. Plus, have you ever tried a veggie burger or brownie? They’re absolutely yummy!

january challenges - veganuary

Don’t sit get fit

Amongst common and popular New Year’s Resolutions, you will always find something along the lines of to get fit, to lose weight, to do more exercise. Just because the gyms are closed this year, and group sports activities have been cancelled, it doesn’t mean we can’t still take on this January challenge.

Many of us have the glorious British countryside right on our doorstep, so there’s no excuse to not get out there for a nice local walk (other than it being freezing of course.) Even if you live in more built-up areas, a quick walk around the block can still do you the world of good. Plus, a total of 3 lockdowns has produced a wealth of online fitness classes, apps, and youtube videos for us to get stuck in to at home!

get fit this winter

Plastic Free January

Two of our major passions at Preloved include reducing the volume of items sent to landfill and increasing awareness surrounding environmental responsibility. So starting the year by going plastic-free, is an absolute must for us.

Especially now that there are growing concerns surrounding the environmental dangers of disposable face masks, this is one of the January challenges that’s more important than ever! To learn more about the negative impact of plastic, click here. 

january challenges - go plastic free

January Declutter challenge

A good old declutter is just what we need to start the new year. Whilst we have all this time on our hands at home, we need something productive to do to keep us busy! At Preloved, our mantra is about turning trash into treasure, broken to beautiful, and clutter into cash, which is why a proper sort out is always a good thing!

This January, we’re encouraging you to put this third lockdown to good use by clearing out your surroundings. After all, a clear home makes for a clear head! Why not sell your unwanted items on Preloved?

declutter your house this january

Although we are left unable to make solid plans for the future and can’t really predict what the coming weeks, months, or years will bring, we hope this blog has helped to restore some enthusiasm for 2021 and the year ahead!

Zoe Allison

Zoe Allison

Writer and expert